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[cross-project-issues-dev] Our not so Quiet Week and Final Daze for Luna SR2

All builds are done for Luna SR2, and many people doing final testing and preparing for the formal release in one week (2/27) -- unless some blocking issue is discovered.  

Remember that "continued testing" is important for two reasons. One is to look for truly "damaging" regressions or blocking problems, that would require a "respin" of the Simultaneous Release repo and EPP Packages. A respin would be rare ... but ... has happened. The second reason is for projects to find regressions or problems which might not justify a "rebuild of everything" but, which are bad enough that individual projects can prepare a "feature patch" ... or, perhaps document a work-around.

So, where are these "done builds"? We traditionally don't promote the final build candidates to avoid confusion over the release, and a "pre-release". But for those of you who need them for testing or "product builds" you can find the proposed to-be-released bits in a couple of places.

EPP Packages:

The p2 repositories:

These two p2 repositories are required to test update scenarios -- which every project should do. For "how to" information, see

"Invisible" Final URL Locations:

For those building downstream products or documentation, the "final locations" are often available early next week, from individual projects, but are not generally "visible" so you need to know the exact specific URL where you can get or document the final bits from their final locations. If you can't infer the final URL, you can ask the project for some hints. (Most project follow predictable patterns.)

= = = =

Final Daze

While we don't have a "Final Daze" document specific for Service Releases, the principles in the original document still apply. See

In short:

 - during "quiet week", be sure to archive "old" releases, and remove "intermediate" (non-released) builds. (This is primarily to "free up" space on mirror servers.)

 - If your documentation has changed, be sure to update the "Info Center" (you can do so via Bug 436372 )

 - Especially "large" projects, should be sure to put repositories and download artifacts in their final location, so that the large artifacts can be mirrored for 3 to 5 days -- before the official release. But, these artifacts should be invisible to normal "web browsing" and p2 updates. If you don't know how to do this yet, see

 - Our target for "going live" will be 10 AM Eastern, on 2/27. Be sure the check this cross-project list for any last minute problems or "wait!" announcements. Otherwise, usually about 10:15 or 10:30, we'll send a note that "Luna SR2 is available".

= = = =

Ask, if any questions, and, above all, bask in your accomplishments!

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