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[cross-project-issues-dev] Luna SR2 RC4 (final) staging repository is complete.

Sorry for the "lateness" but I was experimenting with a way (after the fact) of fixing  Bug 460094.

But, could not do it. I think the bundle needs to be "re-built" with a higher qualifier, to make sure that signed version get's used.

At first, I was thinking this wasn't too big a deal, but then learned it *was* signed in Luna's initial release, then not signed in SR1 nor now, for SR2 -- all "because" the build system changed! (Easy to build ... hard to build right!).

So, now we have two bundles, "in the wild", (javax.persistence) with exact same version and qualifier, one signed, one not. Anarchy! :)

But, I must defer to the projects involved (Dali and Gyrex), since I am not able to do a "quick and easy" fix with aggregator, as I'd hoped.

Thanks, all ... don't stop testing!

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