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[cross-project-issues-dev] The Luna SR2 RC1 (staging) maintenance repository is complete

It's late on Wednesday, I've seen no requests for a rebuild, so this is a good time to consider the maintenance repository complete, for Luna SR2 RC1.

I have disabled the Luna aggregation job, to help avoid confusion and will re-enable it on Friday.

As a reminder, we do not "promote" the "maintenance repo" anywhere else (until "release"), but the EPP packages are based on them, at the designated points in time.

The EPP packages should be sanity checked tomorrow (Thursday) and (I assume) made available for download on Friday morning.

I normally "leave maintenance repo" as it is for several days ... but, may update this one earlier than usual, due to some bug fixes in Platform, that I am anxious to confirm does not effect EPP (bug 457071 and 407775 ).

Let me know if anyone has any special needs/schedule that requires it to "be left as is" for the usual 2 or 3 days.

But, otherwise, thanks to all for coordinating this "warm-up" RC.

Project leads and releng's should be sure to look at "repo reports" -- there are a few bundles missing "legal files" and a ton of unsigned bundles from DLTK?

Thanks again,

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