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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Your friendly error reports bot is suspended

Hi Maximilian,

thanks for your reply. JDT also opted-in to receive notifications directly via Bugzilla. Lars expressed his interest for the Platform. Together with EMFStore and EMF Client Platform there are already four projects that would prefer bugzilla notifications over daily digest emails.

Thus, we’ll add means which will allow committers to register their projects and choose from different notification strategies (Bugzilla, Daily Digest, None). I estimate that a (limited) version will be available around the 20.01. Limited means that we’ll offer to send bugs to a manually specified, fixed Product:Component:Version coordinate first. In a later stage we’ll guess Component and Version based on the class path information available in a report. 

If any other project is interested in getting notifications, please let me know your constraints. 


> On 09 Jan 2015, at 14:25, Maximilian Koegel <maximilian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Marcel,
> first of all: I really appreciate your work in this matter and believe
> this is a very important step towards being able to prioritize issues to
> better server our users. Thank you!
> I agree with your proposal that is implementing option 2 and allow
> by-project opt-in for option 3. I would be interested in using option 3
> for EMFStore and EMF Client Platform, of course, also as a test driver.
> Cheers,
> Maximilian

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