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[cross-project-issues-dev] Update on Automated Error Reporting

Hi committers,

I wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2015. We made some significant progress and thus I’d like to share some planned updates on the automated error reporting for Mars M5.

1. Lean Client UI

Several committers requested a more lean UI for reporting errors. For M5 we redesigned the workflow and further simplified the reporting. Please see the screenshots below for details.

2. Non-Bugzilla Server UI

In the meanwhile the traffic increased to 500 error reports per day in average - with peaks of 1500 reports on some days. To manage the growing amount of data, we continuously improve the duplicate detection but had to recognize that using Bugzilla as main UI is not suitable anymore. For that reason we started working on a web ui and a REST interface to manage, access, and pre-classify the data. This web ui will allow committers to review incoming reports *before* creating Bugzilla tickets from them. It also offers various browsing and searching capabilities, allows to create a Bugzilla tickets with a single click, enables committers to request further triage information from previous and new reporters and will allow on-site manual analysis of error reports using stack trace diffs etc. It will offer to send daily "per-project" summaries to committers to notify you about new problems arriving for projects you care about.

A preview of the current web ui is available at

I’d be glad to get your feedback on this early version but in case you have any other question or feature request, please let me know as well.


1. Web client 'browse new problems view' 

2. Eclipse client popup when a new error occurs:

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