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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [Bug 332258] Need better way to specify @NoDuplicates for list properties


Bug 455361 was created for this issue. This was caused by a set of “testing” error reports that were initially reported to the “testing" bugzilla unfortunately, I did not clean up these reports properly. This will be addressed by the end of this week. Sorry for the inconvenience these “This error has been reported 25 times” may have caused.

> a) update the name of the account to something more descriptive, like
> Recommenders Error Reports


> b) Improve the signature.  In addition to "Your friendly error reports bot."
> perhaps add a link with information 

The signature of every report contains a reference to the manual:
" Please visit for further details. “

Let me know if there is something missing and should be added to the manual .

> and a link on how to remove the
> functionality from a bugzilla project?

Sorry, I don’t know what yet you refer to here. There is no project “added” or “removed”. All reports are send to the error reports bugzilla component and from there are dispatched *manually* to projects. The cause of this email thread was “an accident in the testing environment”.

> Also c) where to report issues with the error reporter

The manual (referenced in the bugs and mentioned above) contains a section about where to report issues.

> I thought the reporter was self-aware, and would report its own errors.

Yes, it reports it’s own errors (if it recognizes them as such).


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