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[cross-project-issues-dev] m2e 1.6 M4 using staged Maven 3.2.5


FYI, we're planning on releasing m2e 1.6M4 by the end of the day, containing the currently staged Maven 3.2.5. Its release has not officially been voted yet [1], but there's 99,99% chances (according to an unnamed Maven committer) it will be released on thursday.
Since that would be too late for m2e to pick it up and we already missed M3 because there was no Maven release available at the time, I believe it would be really sad to miss the M4 window, given all the fixes and improvements that went in [2].
Worst case scenario, Maven 3.2.5 isn't released, and there'll be a 3.2.6 instead, m2e can live with that until M5, in 7 weeks.


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