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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] How about now? Are you ready for M4 yet?

Yeah, need to name names ;)
I'm pedaling as fast as I can - hopefully the project that shall remain unnamed, builds correctly now.

The "list of dropped projects" has decreased from 21 to 12 -- that's good -- and seems to me a few of them showing up there have just now (or in past few days) declared their intent. See  list at
But ... data tools? EPP? Market Place Client? who is in charge of those projects? :) What are their plans? :)
Given that Mars M4 +0 is tomorrow with all of M4 done in a week, I'd appreciate getting the lists up to date. (Wayne :)

= = = =

And, I still see "disabled" features or repositories in aggregation files:

mft.b3aggrcon - (2 matches)
mylyn-docs-intent.b3aggrcon -
soa-bpmn2-modeler.b3aggrcon -

I won't name names, but know one of those projects has tried to "enable" at the last minute twice before, with no success ... so hope someone has committed some time to work on it!

= = = =

The real motivation for this note, is that the Platform has put their M4 candidate into staging, and I was browsing the "repo reports" to make sure "we" were ok, and I noticed a lot of variation in the "non-unique" versions report.
Now, I realize some of those are intentional, and some may be fixed automatically as people create their M4 deliverables ... but, thought it was worth reminding project leads and release engineers to take a look and make sure you are "up to date" where you can be. Otherwise, you may end up testing one thing, that will not be what "makes it into" the EPP packages, or similar. For some of the more obvious cases, we in the platform have moved up to Jetty 9.2.5 .. and I see at least 3 if not 4 versions used in the "common repo". Similar for httpcomponents. And, I'm sure many others. Be sure to use the latest Platform and Orbit repo in producing and testing your M4 builds. And, if questions on what those are, please ask.

Thanks everyone ... I am just trying to be helpful (even if I sound bossy or scolding :)

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