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[cross-project-issues-dev] Are *you* ready for M4?

I wanted to remind everyone that M4 is not that far off.

In part, because this is the milestone we switch to a "one week window". M4 +0 is 12/12 and +3 is 12/17. For that reason, it is good to make an early "warm-up" contributions that is near final, even if your final contribution is later made on your "latest possible" +n day.

Plus, three projects still have disabled features or repositories:
mft.b3aggrcon - (2 matches)
mylyn-docs-intent.b3aggrcon -
soa-bpmn2-modeler.b3aggrcon -

PLUS ... have you declared your intent? Or, lack of intent? (I know one or two have) but, according to the "who is participating" web page, at

there are 21 projects that have "dropped out" of Mars! (That list is about half way down the left-most column.)   I am pretty sure some of them do not intend to drop out (such as CDT! WTP! Xpand!? Mylyn! ... ) and I am moderately sure some of those have declared intent on this list, so I am wondering if there is a problem with your "release record" ... or something?  In any case, please work with Wayne if something is amiss or missed. And, it is helpful and polite that if you have been a long term participant, and now decided to no longer participate, to say so explicitly ... to us on this list, not to mention your adopters via your dev-lists, etc. I mention this now, since at some point, those who show up on the "will not participate list" will have their files removed from the aggregator and the repository, for the simple reason of giving a realistic view of "what is coming" to users, adopters, and other projects.

Greatest thanks to all,

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