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[cross-project-issues-dev] Open Editor timeouts


The Code Recommender's reports highlight a cross-project phenomenon that is difficult to allocate to a particular project.

If an editor is slow to open, the current opening strategy on the UI thread can lead to a UI freeze.

For platform editors, the 2s timeout may just be adequate, so, not a platform problem.

Bug 453590 causes the basic Ecore Editor to timeout if a user gives a stupid URI causing Internet failures.

By the time we get to Xtext and worse still my OCL Xtext editors, there is ample scope for opening to take more than 2 seconds.

I'm getting irritated by the number of UI freeeze duplicates and could attempt to override the platform/Xtext editor strategies to put up a loading welcome page while a worker thread does the necessary.

But I feel that provision of such a strategy is really a platform job rather than my job three levels of abstraction further on.

Is anyone else seeing this as a problem?


        Ed Willink

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