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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Provider and feature names


What about having an extra category "All By Project" that contains nested per-project categories, which, in turn, contain all features of their project?



Am 18.11.2014 um 08:56 schrieb Ed Willink:
Hi Wayne

I see feature names primarily in terms of what appears in the SimRel repo. Here you recommendations seem to conflict a little with useability.

On 17/11/2014 20:29, Wayne Beaton wrote:
IMHO, the EGit project does a decent job of this. The feature name is "Git Team Provider" and the provider name is "Eclipse EGit". Other features include "Task focused interface for Eclipse Git Team Provider". It's immediately clear what these features provide. They even provide some helpful information in the description of the feature.
(I thought I had raised a Buigzilla against this but cannot find it.)

I find the distributed contrbutions of EGIT in the Collaborations category unhelpful. Yes make them descriptive, but please put the short project name at the start so that all contributions from the same project group together. And put the project name at the start so that visual search is sensible.

My screen isn't big enough to show the "Task focussed ...".

So IMHO all EGIT names should start with exactly one of GIT or EGIT.

If we had sub-categories this conflict would vanish, since the parent category would be perhaps Eclipse GIT, and the category entries can be unconstrained.

Worst of all are features that start "Source for ...".


        Ed Willink

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