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[cross-project-issues-dev] reminder of disabled features/repositories as M3 nears

I realize M3 is not until next week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for contributions) but thought it'd be good to send out this reminder now about b3aggrcon files that have something disabled (in some cases, the whole repository, in some cases, a feature or two).

There are bugs open for some of them, such as
but, not all. So, please be aware and "enable" for M3, if at all possible, and as soon as possible.


= = = =  = = = = = =

emf-emf-rap.b3aggrcon -
mft.b3aggrcon - (2 matches)
mylyn-docs-intent.b3aggrcon -
objectteams.b3aggrcon -
rap.b3aggrcon -
scout-rap.b3aggrcon -
soa-bpmn2-modeler.b3aggrcon -


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