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[cross-project-issues-dev] Equinox fix for Luna SR1 now available as a feature patch in "4.4" repository.

I am not sure if this bug was discussed directly on this list, or, just some of its predecessors, but, we have an "official fix" available for anyone impacted by

Bug 445122 - ClassCastException received when System.getProperties().store() runs on 4.4.1

You can see the bug for full details, but I will repeat my final comment in the bug:

If there are any questions or issues, please ask/report in the bug. Thanks.

= = = = = =

The patch is now available from the normal 4.4 update site:

Note that in no cases (that I know of) will the "check for updates" find this patch, (due to the nature of "root features", etc.) but it should be installable into any project or EPP package that is based on Eclipse Platform 4.4.1.

The majority of users simply need to use "Install new software"

(with the built-in 4.4 repo enabled -- it will not be in the "SimRel" repo)
and pick the category named

Eclipse 4.4.1 patches for
bug 445122

p2 will automatically pick the the relevant "feature patch", which for nearly all users will be named

E4 RCP Patch (bugzilla 445122)

(There are 3 other "feature patches", which are normally not relevant, but might be for "server products" and similar).

For some products, say if they are "built from bundles only" ... and not features ... they may need to build using the new bundle that has been fixed, by specifying it's IU directly,
which has Id equal to
and a version of
(The version that shipped with Eclipse 4.4.1 was 3.10.1.x).

Thanks to all for reporting the issue, making suggestions to fix, and verifying the fix and temporary patch repo.

[Speaking of which, I will remove the temporary repo on Monday, 11/3, around noon Eastern time ... in case anyone is using it for builds, or something, you will need to migrate to the permanent repo.]

Thanks again,

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