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[cross-project-issues-dev] Cannot update the "Eclipse Standard" package anymore


I have noticed that the former "Eclipse Standard" package has recently been renamed to "Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers". Personally I don't like the new name because it suggests that this package contains something in addition to the (classic) minimum which is only meant for committers and that seems wrong. But more importantly, I think there were two things wrong with the renaming process itself:

1) The preceeding discussion took place in and not on this list. IIRC not even a link to this bug was posted on this list. As a result it seems that the decision was influenced/made by just a handful people.

2) This "renaming" wasn't just a change of the user-visible label and sorting order but instead the fundamental IDs of the installable p2 units were changed from "eep.package.standard" to "epp.package.committers"; to the effect that existing Eclipse Standard installations cannot update to Mars (M2) anymore, but fail with mysterious errors about Eclipse Compare conflicts.

Given that the Eclipse Standard package was by far the most downloaded package by the end of Kepler and still among the 3 (or so) most popular packages for Luna this change of the p2 ID seems extremely disruptive for a very large group of users (must be millions) and I wonder if that was really the intention.

If there's confusion about the good old "Eclipse Standard" package on the download page I suggest to change its user-visible label on that download page and possibly in the p2 metadata. But unless I miss an important point I suggest to continue to provide package IUs with the existing ID "epp.package.standard" and ideally even change Mars M2 to do so.



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