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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Limiting GTK versions supported by SWT or SWT call for help

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> From: "Mickael Istria" <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2014 12:21:47 PM
> Subject: Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Limiting GTK versions supported by SWT	or SWT call for help
> On 10/09/2014 07:09 PM, Marc-André Laperle wrote:
> I see in the target environments that Eclipse 4.5 supports SUSE Linux
> Enterprise Server 11 which only has 2.14 according to the package list .
> Who decides of this list of supported environment? 

This list is maintained and updated for every release by Eclipse PMC. It happens in the open see bug 445852 for Mars update. 
There is mutual agreement in the PMC that SLES, RHEL and Ubuntu LTS are the current LTS  distros that make sense to support.
As soon as someone provides resources to verify other platforms they can be added or if it becomes impossible for current contributors to verify them they got dropped.

> If no-one is ready or
> willing to make the necessary efforts to support SUSE and its old GTK 2.14,
> why not simply stop promoting it as supported ?

For Mars this will be updated to SLES 11 SP2 which has GTK 2.18. And honestly Ubuntu with it's dbusmenu and liboverlay is way harder to support than Suse's pristine GTK environment.

> Also, how would Eclipse fail with a too old GTK ? If it fails with a nice
> error in a pop-up or in console saying "Sorry, you need at least GTK 2.18 to
> use SWT and Eclipse", then people know the reason of the error and can react
> accordingly.

Currently, there is no check in launcher to show warning dialog if gtk is too old but I'm looking into adding such check/warning dialog in the launcher. All that happens now is that GTK is printing warning message on console but doesn't abort execution and let's the user do smth that will crash. I would rather let SWT that way but make the launcher abort if gtk too old.

Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse team

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