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[cross-project-issues-dev] Remember to keep "Luna files" up-to-date with buildable URLs (and content)

As Luna SR1 was released, many projects moved their "final content" to a persistent URL, and the short-lived pre-release URLs were removed.

I don't want to discourage that "clean up" .... thanks! ... but, your b3aggrcon files should be updated to "point to" the final URL, so the aggregation builds still work.

While there is no immediate need for "Luna aggregation builds", myself and perhaps others sometimes need to "do an aggregation" just to confirm it still works ... such as I need to make some changes to the build after Mars M2, and want to be sure all still "works as before" after I make those changes.

So ... besides triggering builds on "commits" (on Luna_maintenance branch) I will also set up the Luna "runAggregator" job to run every day at 6 AM, so that if there are URLs that can not be found, there will be messages sent out to those responsible for the project.  None of the resulting builds will be "promoted" anywhere ... it's purely  to make sure all still builds.

Thanks for your help, let me know if questions or issues.


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