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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Luna is inconsistent. Features are referencing non-existent fragments!

On 2014-09-28 22:57, David M Williams wrote:
Granted, given enough time and resource, the Eclipse project releng team could have made one "deliverable" for their own repository, and another "deliverable" for the Sim. Release repository
I'm still missing something. I don't see any problems in the releng team adding early-access features to their own repository that references plug-ins present in their own repository. That's a contained and well planned deliverable. What I don't understand is why this meant adding features to the Sim repository that references targets not present in the Sim repository. That's a deliverable and a half.

I had hoped that we reached some kind of consensus when this debacle happened the last time, saying that the Sim should be self contained without dangling references. Apparently that was a mistake on my part.

Anyway, all things considered, it's a minor problem that I'm able to work around so I won't continue arguing about it.

Thanks David for your attempts to explain the reasons (even if I'm not completely clear on them yet :) )

- thomas

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