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[cross-project-issues-dev] We are (still) scheduled for 10 AM Friday (Eastern time) release ...

In case you heard the rumors (and if you didn't, where have you been? :) we did "rebuild" the Eclipse Platform, Sim. Release Repo, and EPP Packages [1].

I think the bug was "re-spin worthy" not only due to the "surface" reasons (blurry fonts on Mac Retina displays) but also because the root cause of that issue was a "configuration IU" which a) was wrong and b) could have unpredictable effects in various update scenarios or "product building" -- in other words, we don't really know why it effects "platform runtime binaries" and not other distributions -- and c) is either impossible or very difficult to fix "after the fact" so best to not to have in the repository to begin with. Also, I think it a fairly safe fix since it is a "repository issue" and doesn't change "running code" in the usual sense of the word,

We have completed the rebuilds and sanity checking and are in the process of re-promoting. While we won't have as many mirrors populated as we'd like, at this time we think there will be enough to "make visible" at the originally scheduled time. (I'll announce here to this list, if that changes).

Special thanks not only to Markus Knauer for rebuilding and sanity checking the EPP packages, but also Markus Keller for re-testing the Platform on the Mac, and to Gunnar Wagenknecht for bringing the issue to our attention.

Thanks to you all,


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