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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Friday's Luna SR1 release? at 10 AM Eastern?

On 09/24/2014 12:03 PM, David M Williams wrote:
Just wanted to send a reminder that projects (especially the larger ones) should be sure to put artifacts in place now (if you haven't already), but leave invisible, so the artifacts can be propagating to mirrors over the next few days and then on Friday we will "simultaneously" make them visible. (Simultaneously, at least on the same day).
Thanks for the reminder, David.  I suspect there is a lot of new content in the download area, as mirrors have been sucking down lots of bandwidth.

And a note to all: we've also passed the 70% FULL mark of the downloads/archives area, with "only" 1.1TB left.  Your friendly neighborhood webmasters will start looking at storage upgrades for the downloads area soon, but any house cleaning you can do there is definitely appreciated.


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