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[cross-project-issues-dev] A "heads up" about Mars M2 Platform ... no "macosx 32 bit" support

In case you haven't noticed, it has been part of the Platform's Mars plan to remove support for "Mac 32 bit" platforms.
And we have successfully removed it from our I-build this week (I20140909-1315 ).

So, it will not be in our M2 deliverables. While I know that's still a couple of weeks off, I didn't want anyone to be surprised.

For most people, this will make no difference to your builds, etc., but I can imagine that it might effect some project builds;
And, I assume (hope) easy to fix.

I will be removing it from the b3 aggregator "configuration" list soon (bug 443638 ) but just wanted to give a little notice,
so you could be sure to plan in time to adjust to it, if you think you will need to.

Please comment in bug 441691 if this has any impact we did not anticipate.


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