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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Linux Tools last minute update for RC3 - and status and outlook

Dang, that was my fault, I was just cleaning up contacts for my own project and didn’t realize there were interdependencies.  Sorry!


n  Ben G


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No, not too late. Everyone has until 5 PM Eastern (or, more realistically 7 or 8 since I'll be partially away from my computer a few hours around that time).
But, always good to notify us here on this list if you make changes after your "main +n deadline".

I'm glad to report everyone is "enabled" again and builds have been going pretty smoothly. One little hiccup yesterday when someone changed or removed a "contact name" that was used in several different files (see bug 443658, BIRT, and DTP) but it is nothing that needs action right away. (Maybe no action? It was just one of those fixes I made to keep the build going, but no idea if it was the right fix).

Thanks for everyone's attention to quality and stability.

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Subject:        [cross-project-issues-dev] Linux Tools last minute update for RC3
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There was a request to update our RC3 offering as there were a few LTTng changes
not included in our initial RC3 aggregation.  I have updated the b3aggrcon
file and pushed to Luna_Maintenance.  If the deadline has passed, so be it, the changes
will be part of RC4, otherwise, please include it so we can do more extensive RC3 testing.


-- Jeff J.
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