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[cross-project-issues-dev] Dates for milestones and the Mars Release

The planning council has settled on our complete schedule for the Mars release, and its service releases, including milestones, and other checkpoints.

The most official source is the Plan, at

but have also added them to our Planning Council Calendar, for your convenience.

Plus, I have added the "Important Dates" provided by the Eclipse Foundation for their deadlines for Mars Release. (also pasted below)

All dates follow the same pattern as previous years, though there is one notable exception. M6 will be after EclipseCon this year (in 2015) rather than right before it. The reason is simply that EclipseCon has been moving "earlier in the year" by a few weeks, and the Planning Council felt M6 could not be squeezed in before it, and thought it better to extend it a little so they did not coincide with each other. In the end, M5 is 7 weeks long, M6 is 7 weeks long, and M7 is 6 weeks long. Not a radical change, just wanted to mention it, in case anyone wanted to "show off" some new feature at EclipseCon, you would not automatically think you had "until M6" to get it done, as has been the case in previous years.

Thanks everyone,

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Important Dates:
  • Feb 13/2015 - CQ Submission deadline for Mars
  • May 22/2015 - IP Log submission deadline
  • May 29/2015 - Review materials due
  • June 12/2015 - Release Review

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