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[cross-project-issues-dev] Platform Respin for RC2a

I've started a rebuild for RC2a at 2:30 PM (0902-1430 Eastern), to address Bug 441377.

The build, as an M-build, will be available approximate 5:30 PM.

My preference is to wait until unit tests are complete before renaming it, and putting it in Sim. Release (maintenance) repo, but that won't be until near midnight.
I'm assuming for those of you who are "blocked" by the regression, you can use the M-build, time zones permitting, to get unblocked, but if not, please comment in Bug 442817 on why and what you need and I will work with you.  


P.S. Our RC3 Candidate build will still take place at 8 AM Wednesday ... in case anyone was wondering.

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