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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reporting interactive UI delays into the Error log


Sometimes the Eclipse IDE freezes without providing feedback which part of the code is responsible for the freeze. Such freezes should be avoided, but it is often hard to determine the cause of the freeze.

Platform.ui received a code contribution in to report such UI delays into the Error View. In its default configuration it report delays >  500 ms and adds a stack trace of the currently running code to the log entry. 

You can try this feature out from the following update site:  Works in Luna and Mars.

Platform.ui is planning to add this feature (deactivated by default) to the Mars release. Feedback is welcome, if you find bugs in the tool, please reported them

Best regards, Lars

P.S. I have not yet tried it if the interactive error reporting from Marcel but as UI delays are also reported to the Error log, Marcels plug-in should also report it.

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