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[cross-project-issues-dev] Several Platform Feature Versions Need to be Increment


For Oomph we generate a product catalog from the EPP repositories.  As part of generating an update of that catalog to include Mars, I noticed that several key platform features have not incremented their version number.  Specifically I see the following features as inconsistent:
  1. The org.eclipse.platform feature is still at version 4.4 even though it requires version 4.5.0.v20140704-1057 of org.eclipse.platform.doc.user. 
  2. The org.eclipse.pde feature is still at version 3.10 even though it requires version 3.11.0.v20140804-1453 of org.eclipse.pde.doc.user.
I believe the minor versions of these features should be incremented to reflect the minor version increments of their requirements.

Note that the org.eclipse.jdt feature has already incremented but the org.eclipse.rcp feature has not, though in this case that appears correct as none of its requirements have incremented, yet.


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