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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Bug 438856 - Make Sonar a Foundation managed service

It seems like the consensus I am getting so far is that the historical data is not that useful for projects so a clean start is not a problem. I will look into doing the switch this week and migrating all existing HIPPs over to the new system.



On 08/14/2014 10:33 AM, Thanh Ha wrote:
Attention Sonar users!

We have a new Sonar system setup as part of bug 438856 of turning Sonar into a Foundation managed service. We had to switch because the original Sonar instance was not using the same type of Database backend as we use at Eclipse.

I would like to look into what kind of impact it would have to projects if we switched the Sonar instances. My understanding is if most projects do not need or care about the historical Sonar data then a service switch should be pretty simple and a project would have to run their Sonar jobs again once we switch to get new data as the old data will be gone. This seems to be the easiest and I'd like to go this route if it's not a problem for anyone.

But if projects do care about the historical data then we'd have to think of a transition plan and keep the old instance running while projects switch over.

I would like to start this transition the week of August 25th if possible.

Any thoughts?


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