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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars M1 and Luna SR1 RC1 are available

It's like Christmas in Summer!

Mars M1 Simultaneous Release Repo:

We have "turned on" the repository at (built in to most distributions).

Mars M1 EPP Packages:

The EPP packages for Mars M1 will be available soon, if not already, from

Note that as I am writing this, the 'index-developer' page will just redirect you back to main page ... so be sure to look closely before you click download. I hope by the time you read this ... or within an hour or so, the index-developer page will be "live".

I might also note that while it is technically possible to update from some Luna installs to Mars M1, we recommend "starting fresh" with a Mars pre-packaged distribution, since the cross-release update is not well tested by most projects.

Luna SR1 RC1 Packages:

There is no single repo to use to update EPP packages to SR1 RC1, but the EPP Packages themselves will be available from a separate tab at that index-developer page;

Enjoy, and thanks for the early testing.
And, thanks again to all of you who have worked hard to make these packages available for early testing.

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