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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] e(fx)clipse participating in Mars release

On 21.08.14 22:18, Alexander Nyßen wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I was only referring to the org.eclipse.javafx bundle of e(fx)clipse,
> which - as far as I understood - is basically there to deal with the
> target resolving, while the org.eclipse.fx.osgi seems to perform the
> runtime resolving, right? I am no expert, but as far as the target

No this is wrong org.eclipse.javafx is there so that:
a) the target platform resolves
b) at runtime bundles who do an import-package of javafx get physically
   wired to org.eclipse.javafx
c) the classloader constructed for org.eclipse.javafx is provided by
   the org.eclipse.fx.osgi adapter hook.

> resolving is concerned, there seemed to be an analogy. Maybe I'm wrong,
> I'm no expert on this...

Yep you are wrong.


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