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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Mars M1 and Luna SR1 RC1

I just re-enabled those GEF4 features that only depend on EMF/Xtext but not on JavaFX. In case the e(fx)clipse contribution is yet added to the aggregation, I assume you might safely re-enable the remaining 6 GEF4 features as well.


Am 20.08.2014 um 21:08 schrieb David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Been a busy few days!

I think we are on the verge of getting some "green" builds again, but wanted to be sure to mention some "hacks" I had to make:

For Luna
I disabled
  (I also removed "eclipselink" which I hope doesn't surprise them, as they were not participants in the Sim. Release! ... definitely need to tighten up our process! )

For Mars, more changes. In addition to the above two changes, the following contain some repo or feature disabled. The first one in the list (and the last) are the only ones I made ...
but thought it'd be good to call attention to the others in case anyone is surprised.
I also had to adjust the "feature ranges" of emf.transaction and gmf.runtime. emf-transaction I'm pretty sure was a "typo",
but the latter I'm not so sure. I changed (increased) feature ranges so it would "match" what was in the repo it was pointing at, but as far as I know it might have been pointing at the wrong repo?  


Still a few hours left, if anyone can safely make changes to fix up things to be included, or accurate.

The good news is I think the "warm up" RC has been effective in getting Luna close to "lined up" ... the next RC's, in a few weeks, will have little time for major changes, so I hope this preliminary step avoids problems for those that should be "real" release candidates. Also, more good news, I think this is the most "M1 participants" we've ever had! ... I am glad everyone is getting a good early start on Mars, as it should be.  


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