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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Automated Error Reporting for Mars Milestone Builds


I noticed a few new users are sending errors. In response, I decoupled the "stacktraces & error reporting" plugin from the Code Recommenders. Now you should be able to install it without pulling in the complete Code Recommenders stack.

Some notes for testers:

  • I published the feature as „Code Recommenders Stacktraces & Error Reporting Utility“  on Code Recommenders’ milestones update site [1].
  • Bugs and feature requests are collected and tracked in Bugzilla [2]. Please make use of it for every request.
  • There are already a (small) amount of people contributing. Feel free to contribute as well. Please read [3] on how to setup the project in Eclipse with Oomph.
  • All stacktraces are sent *without any anonymization yet* (even if the UI suggests that at the moment) to and can be publicly reviewed at [4].
  • The plugin can be disabled temporarily by unselecting it in Preferences » General » Startup and Shutdown (see Screenshot below) and restarting your IDE

Some general notes:

  • Feature updates happen frequently and without prior notice. Please use the update manager to automatically look for newer versions from time to time.
  • The code is yet not considered production-ready. It’s rather a quick-’n-dirty prototype to gather community feedback. Not all features you see today in the UI are already implemented (properly)
  • A releasable version is planned for Mars M2 timeframe and after we got Legal approval by the EF.
  • The data in the dashboard [4] may be dropped due to schema changes. We’ll keep this stable from Mars M2 but for now please consider the data sent as experimental and temporary data.

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