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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] e4 tools (Incubation) participation in Mars?

Sorry for the delay.

e4 is a permanent incubator (i.e. no prospect of ever graduating).

The EDP has this to say about permanent incubators:

Permanent incubator projects never have releases; they cannot participate in the annual simultaneous release. Permanent incubators may have builds, and downloads. They conform to the standard incubation branding requirements and are subject to the IP due diligence rules outlined for incubating projects. Permanent incubators do not graduate.

I believe that this aligns with the intent of e4. As functionality matures in e4, it is moved out and into a more permanent/stable home.

If there is desire to change the nature of e4, then this is something that you can discuss with the Eclipse PMC.




On 30/07/14 05:06 AM, Lars Vogel wrote:

The e4 tools project is still in incubation and we currently have no one working on changing that. 

If I open the Luna update site I see lots of incubation projects included in this update site.

What is requirement to be included in the Mars update site?

Best regards, Lars 

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