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[cross-project-issues-dev] Information about the "Generifing JFace viewers" project


as some of you probably remember, the platform.ui team started a GSoC project last year to generify the JFace viewer framework. We (platform.ui team together with John Arthone and Dani Megert) decided that it is worth to finish this project and started a new GSoC project.

Jeanderson Barros Candido (cc) is working on this project with Hendrik Still (cc) (GSoC student from last year) and me as mentor.

I personally think the work looks already very good and plan to integrated it soon into the master. We are trying to learn from the experience from last year, therefore:

-  We plan to integrate it as a whole, not piece wise so people can fix warning messages created by this change
- We reworking the JFace snippets and tests at the same time to have a first proof-point
- We plan to use it for platform views to validate that it works

Of course generifying an existing API, will result in certain limitations and some suggested a complete rewrite of the JFace viewer framework but this is currently not the scope of this project.

The implementation is currently done at Github: and we do our planning in

If someone wants to test the new implementation and provide feedback, please let us know.

Best regards, Lars

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