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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Mars plus Luna maintenance? It's time to get back to work! :)

I hope most of you have been enjoying your summer (or, winter in Southern Hemisphere) or perhaps some of you are just beginning to get some time off?

But in either case, my rest is over! It's time we begin having aggregation builds for Mars, plus aggregation builds for Luna maintenance.

The Luna_maintenance schedule has been posted for some time, see

While we do not have a Planning-Council-approved-plan for Mars, yet, I have created a proposed plan, and suspect at least the first 2 or 4 milestones will be as stated in that plan ... though some tweaks to later dates will take place as the Planning Council begins to meet again in August. That proposed plan is at
and is based on the exact same pattern as has been used in past years.

This means that Mars M1 begins next week (+0 being 8/8) and 2 weeks later (8/22) be completely finished. And that does overlap with Luna SR1 RC1!

This means we need to "split streams" soon and begin aggregation builds for both streams. I have opened bug 440701 to track the steps I have to go through to get these duals builds running again and provide a central place for any of participating in the release to add questions or reminders of what needs to be done. Tentatively, I plan to create the new branch, Luna_maintenance, on Friday, 8/1. So you all have a few days to get things in order, if you need to, so you can make a change once, initially, and start both builds with same input. But after that, even if you are using the same input for both streams you will have to make updates in both streams.

Other reminders:

A. We will start to use Luna + b3 aggregator for Luna (thanks goes to Thomas Hallgren). As far as I can tell, the change should be completely transparent to users, and technically you could probably continue to use "Kepler based" version, if you preferred.

B. Remember that projects just explicitly declare your intent to participate in Mars (See how to declare your intent on wiki). This explicit declaration will allow us to "leave everyone enabled" for Mars, (if you were in Luna) for the first 2 or 3 milestones ... and if I recall correctly, it's about M3 that projects will be removed if you haven't formally declared yet.). Brand new projects have until M4.

C: For a refresher on the process or FAQs, I have started a "Mars category" on the wiki which should have all the basic information there, but if you have questions you can not easily find the answer to, feel free to ask.

I believe there will be changes to the process and procedures, over the next few months, but we'll be starting off in the usual last-minute, haphazard way that we always have.

Thanks for your help, responsiveness, and your participation!

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