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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] UCOSP & Open Academy (fall 2014)

If you would like to participate in Facebook Open Academy this fall, please fill out this form by July 31, 2014.

See the form for more details.

On 14/07/14 15:11, Andrew Ross wrote:
As an important update on this, I just learned today that the code sprint mentioned in #4 will run October 10th to 12th.

FYI, this overlaps with Canadian Thanksgiving.

On 11/07/14 08:42, Andrew Ross wrote:
Hello Everyone

The next round of UCOSP & Open Academy will be starting in September. This means the program is gearing up now.

These are great programs which pair senior students with mentors from open source projects. Students complete features, fix bugs, and generally get involved in the community in exchange for a grade at the end of their course.

The students are pre-filtered by the participating Universities, and the program. This means the calibre of student is very high.

Projects typically receive approximately 5 students, although some may receive far more.

"In order to be assigned students from the program, an open source project mentor agrees to do the following:
  1. Provide a description of the open source project and potential areas for student involvement
  2. Guide students to find a suitable task (or tasks) on your project and actively mentor them technically including looking directly at some of their code
  3. Hold weekly team meetings (using appropriate technology such as Skype, IRC, Google Hangouts, etc.) where all the students on the project are expected to attend as a group
  4. Attend the code sprint in person
  5. Submit individualized midterm reports for each student on time as requested
  6. Be available to students to answer questions within 48 hours (or provide a temporary alternative)
  7. Provide final reviews for each student including feedback and a grade recommendation"
The program kicks off with a 3 day code sprint in California.

Last time, the Eclipse Foundation had 8 projects & 26 interns participating which was great.

If you are interested in participating, please let me know either on or off list. Space is limited, and a few projects missed the deadline last time, so be sure to do so ASAP.

Kind regards,


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