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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Luna RC4 staging repo is complete

Little late to the party, but I'd like to suggest adding RC4 to Luna
composite and making this part of symrel process going forward. By
"hiding" RC4 under obscure URL we artificially limit amount of testing
it gets and make it harder for downstream projects validate their code
will still work yearly release comes live next week.


On 2014-06-11, 23:52, David M Williams wrote:

As I am sure you all know, this is our final aggregation build for Luna,
unless a blocking issue is found.

I always like to emphasize, that, at this point, a "blocking issue" that
would lead to a re-spin has to be more than a typical "bad problem" for
a one project ... but more along the lines of something that "destroys
all data in a project or workspace" or "prevents installs or updates of
other projects from occurring" or that sort of thing. If you do find a
bad bug that effects just  your project's function, I encourage you to
a) look for and document "work arounds" and/or b) prepare a "project
level patch"  that you could make available by the time we release, so
users can take advantage of it immediately after they install the
release. This is purely for stability reasons ... that is, it is often
better to "ship" with a known bad bug, than to risk fixing one bug and
exposing something even worse (which would be hard to find in time,
since by then little time left for testing). And just so I don't seem
negative ALL the time ... if you sincerely believe you found a bug that
really would be bad for the reputation of Eclipse as a whole, or
something, discuss with your project and PMC and other Eclipse leaders
and if they all believe it worth mentioning here on cross-project list,
then please do. Even if the answer is "no, no re-build", it doesn't hurt
to keep everyone informed.

Also important for you to know, this "staging" repo is NOT moved to
.../releases/luna on Friday, like we normally do, since that is Friday
the 13th [JUST KIDDING!]. The real reason it just stays on staging is
that would essentially be "pre-releasing" the whole train. Instead we
always have a "quiet week" for final preparations, final adopter testing
and builds, etc., and then formally release it (make visible) on the
long scheduled date of Wednesday, June 25th.

I will be sending out a "what to do during quiet week" note in the next
day or two (some version of "Kepler Final Daze
<>" document, updated for Luna).

Let us know if questions or issues, by posting here to this
cross-project list.

And my personal thanks for those final pushes for improvements in "repo
reports <>" -- no
missing "about" files, good improvements in unsigned bundles, and some
improvement in making feature licenses (SUA's) current. We'll continue
to work towards perfection for SR1 and Mars!

Much thanks to you all,

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