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[cross-project-issues-dev] Multiple Projects Pages


I am wondering about the purpose of having two projects pages (maybe there exists more of these duplicates?!):
They are almost the same except for different layout and "Upcoming Reviews" on the former page is replaced by "Upcoming Releases". The text "Eclipse projects now cover..." is the same on both pages. Most of the links are identical also in the content linked to.

Could we consolidate these pages into one or are there good reasons as to why there are separate pages? I think this split is confusing especially since there's a link on the former page under "Releases: The annual simultaneous release." icon/heading directing you to (as stated!) the annual releases and not to the releases corresponding to the reviews that you see listed on the same page.

I think it would be good to merge these and to have icons/buttons for releases and reviews to turn on/off showing of either.


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