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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Luna RC3 repository is available


ab bit more context:

Marcel Bruch wrote:
> Might well be that this is due to a restructuring we did on our
> third-party dependencies. We had potential conflicts with Xtext and
> Guice. We removed the Guice inclusion in one of our features and rely
> on p2 that it pulls in the required Guice bundles. Since there is no
> separate source feature that contributes Guice sources now, this
> might explain why it’s not there anymore.

The Code Recommenders/Xtext class is Bug 431781.

Our solution to this bug is to place a "do not install manually"
3rd-party dependencies feature [2] on our update site which contains all
the third party dependencies we require. Said feature is not depended on
directly by our main features (e.g., [3]); instead, we rely on p2 to
install the necessary bundles included in our 3rd-party dependencies
features *if needed*. As we use Import-Package with version ranges for
most of our third-party dependencies, this occasionally avoids an
unnecessary install as a compatible 3rd-party dependency fulfilling the
Import-Package requirement is already installed.

> I’m OK with it (obviously). If someone else needs it, we should
> rethink how we distribute sources for Guice. I’m generally not aware
> of any good solution how to distribute source bundles for 3rd party
> bundles in the platform. If there is a common way, please let me
> know.

We supply a Tycho-generated source feature that includes all sources of
our 3rd-party dependencies [4]. This makes *manual* install easy. There
is no *automatic* install, however, as  there just isn't a dependency
from the main Code Recommenders feature to this source feature -- and
IMHO there shouldn't, as for the above reasons not every bundle in the
3rd-party feature might actually be installed.

Best wishes,


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[4] <>

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