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[cross-project-issues-dev] Slight delay in declaring Eclipse Project's RC4 +0 delivery

Our candidate for RC4 is

And initially we thought the unit tests would be done by now, and we'd declare late on our +0 day. But turned out the test job on windows bombed out at the beginning (unrelated to our build ... couldn't clean workspace? Connection refused? ... ) so I have just now restarted them, and they take around 7 or 9 hours to complete.

While we are 99% sure that I20140606-1215 contains our "final bits" it just doesn't seem right to declare the final build of the whole Luna cycle without all the unit tests complete ... so ... we'll wait until Saturday morning to declare ... assuming the Windows machine can be made to work :) ... and assuming there's not a lot of unusual failures on Windows (there were no failures on the other two platforms ... so ... seems near certain the build is the quality we expected ... the delay in making it official is simply "procedural".

In fact, I've gone ahead and submitted the I20140606-1215 to the aggregation build, and will promote to staging tonight. So once the CDT package is rebuilt and available (Saturday morning? ... from EPP's build site, not downloads) ... the bug that gave rise to this last minute respin (bug 436758) could be verified fixed, if the originator has the opportunity over the weekend.


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