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[cross-project-issues-dev] We will soon be removing old, non-released versions of JDT Compiler in "eclipse-staging"

Currently scheduled for Friday, 6/6, Noon, Eastern time.

Sorry for the short notice, but if anyone would like to review, please see bug 436481.

But otherwise, be sure to move up to use the "final Luna Release version" by then, if you have been using some previous milestone version.

The "final" Luna version is 3.10.0.v20140603-1928.
(Say "final" in quotes ... just because there is some rare chance that a "blocking problem" will be found and we'll have to produce yet another final version.)

I know some projects for Luna may already have fixed all their bugs, say in RC1, or RC2, and will be wondering if they should recompile with final version.
Chances are, it would make no difference to your byte codes (unless you use Java 8 BREE), since all recent changes were concerned with Java 8 constructs ... but ... if you wanted to be completely safe, it wouldn't hurt to recompile with final version. If you want to check Git history yourself, so see if you might be effected, you could study the log at

We do want to "get rid of the old" for two reasons, though ... one is to make sure teams do "move up" to final version for their final builds (if they are still building, and have been using any of the milestone versions of the compiler) and second reason, is we want to make sure the JDT Team is not burdened with bogus bugs about a problem with such and such version of compiler, when in fact it was not even a released version and may already be fixed.

If anyone has any "special requests" (such as they need a particular version left in "staging" for a little longer, for some reason ... maybe your releng guy is on vacation till Monday :) ... then please comment in bug 436481 with the details.

And, if not obvious, if anyone sees any issues with the lists and tabulations I've put in bug 436481, feel free to comment in that bug.


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