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[cross-project-issues-dev] Pseudo-singleton for Guava in RC3


I'm not sure if the following is an RC3 regression or an improvement; it's certainly surprising.

Up until RC2 multiple Guava's could accumulate in the plugins directory.

While incrementally building another RC3 installation from ZIPs to observe the plugins directory, I saw

Installation of Platform, EMF, GEF
- no
Installation of MWE 2.6.0
- 10.0 (Bug 436420 raised)
Installation of Xtend from M2T/Xpand RC1
- no change
Installation of Xtext 2.6.0
- 10.0 is removed
- 15.0 is added
- 15.0 is added
Installation of Papyrus 1.0.0 RC1
- 15.0 is removed
- 15.0 remains
- 12.0 is added

The removals above are new to RC3 and are perhaps beneficially enforcing a pseudo-singleton.

Was this really intended? Is it related to:

in which the Plugin registry no longer has dependents.


        Ed Willink

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