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[cross-project-issues-dev] Still issues with multiple Guava versions ... still time to fix them

This has been discussed before, but apparently is still causing problem. The most recent bug I've seen is
but also

The original bug where this was discussed was

Here's the "picture" from most recent "repo report"

Four versions is probably a record! If I may refresh your memory, to be part of the Simultaneous Release repo requires using "the latest version from Orbit unless there is a technical reason not to".
And sometimes there are technical reasons to have/use multiple versions ... but even then that's ok to do only as long as it meets the "cause no harm" prime directive.

So, please re-evaluate the version you pre-req, your and your adopters needs, and whether or not you are committed to being in the Simultaneous Release Repository.

For those of you that find problems with having multiple version, please detail the steps to reproduce the problem, so the Planning Council can better understand the severity of the problem, and it's likely hood of occurring in the field. We may be in the unfortunate position of saying some projects can not be in "simultaneous release repo" [Your project can still release, from your own project's repo ... just not from the Simultaneous Release repo]. And, note, if some do have to be omitted, "fairness" or "only those using most recent" are not really the criteria we'll use, ... we'll just be looking to "do the least harm" to the community.

I'll make more comments in the bugs ... as should you who use Guava ... but I'd rather spend my time giving advice on how to solve the problem, rather than deciding who can't be in the repository ... so, your cooperation in making my life more pleasant would be appreciated.


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