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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder that M7 is just days away ....

As we in the Platform are preparing for our final +0 contribution for M7, just wanted to remind everyone that M7 +3 is near, and ...

A. Three projects are still disabled due to change in ICU version conflicting with BIRTs version ... would have been good to have a "warmup" build correcting that, so at least dependent projects can be re-enabled to make sure no surprises.
Bug 432464 - Temporary disabled BIRT, MAT, and Stardust for Luna warm up builds

B. Appears many still missing "required legal files":

And while looking at that list ... I couldn't help but wonderer what is the "mycorp" project?
Such as, in the list is com.mycorp.examples.timeservice...
Granted, it is an example, and granted, I do not know the exact "Eclipse rules", but I would think best if even examples used their "eclipse namespace"?

C. Appears some progress in warming up with new SUA

License Consistency Summary
  • Features with conforming (2014) license: 184
  • Features with old (2011) license: 857
  • Features with old (2010) license: 8
  • Features with different (or no) license: 13
  • Features with no license attribute: 0
  • Features with extra licenses: 0

D. I am curious why signing is so hard?

I'm just crack'n the whip ... appreciate everyone's efforts and contributions.
Much thanks,

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