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[cross-project-issues-dev] What's "hot" in Luna?

Greetings folks.

It's time to start assembling a landing page for Luna. As part of this, I need a list of "hot topics".

Eight new projects have joined this year, so they are a pretty obvious source of potentially hot topics. JDT support for Java 8 is another obvious hot topic.

If you'd like me to consider including your project in the list of hot topics, please review and--if necessary--update the description of your release. I'll be looking for something that I can put in a bullet list (e.g. a single sentence or very short paragraph).

Note that if your description doesn't show upon the "details" page, then it's likely because you didn't provide an obvious first paragraph that can be extracted as a summary.

I intend to assemble my initial list starting on Wednesday and ending on Friday. I'll send my initial pass to this list for your review/input on Friday afternoon.

I'll pass the final list on to Ian and Mike to help with press and outreach.

Thanks for your attention.


Wayne Beaton on behalf of the Eclipse Management Organization
          France 2014

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