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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder to update your feature "licenses" for Luna

Just to confirm, what Andreas said is accurate, the "best place" to get the shared license from is the "cbi license repo",

But, also wanted to add, some projects have their own copy of the "license" in their own repo, and then feature in their project "share" that license. That's still fine, if people would prefer that.

And, I've heard, some projects still use the "old method" of non-shared license. That's fine too, from "Sim Rel" point of view ... it is a lot more "copy/paste", but just wanted to be clear it is not required to use the "cbi repo" ... it's just required to use a common license. I hope most find the CBI provided shared version an easy way to implement "common license" -- its certainly easier in the long run ... but, admittedly is you are not doing it right now, it's probably about the same amount of work to "convert" vs. doing a bunch of copy/paste operations.

HTH (if not, please ask again).

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Date:        04/24/2014 06:54 AM
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With 60+ comments on the bug you linked, it's hard to understand what
individual projects are expected to do. What license feature are we
supposed to use now? Is it available from Luna symrel composite repo


On 2014-04-24, 4:41, David M Williams wrote:
> I'm sure everyone is aware of the "new license" requirement:
> *_Bug 431255_* <>-
> Need to update the SUA (Software User Agreement)
> And now that we in Platform (and MPC) have updated -- which demonstrated
> my updated "repo report" appears to be working correctly -- I thought
> it'd be a good time to send a reminder.
> It'd be nice to get as many updated as possible for M7, and certainly by
> RC1. It really does give a much better "user experience" and better
> "first impression" to those updating/installing to get that simpler,
> more meaningful license dialog.
> Thanks,
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