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[cross-project-issues-dev] In case you didn't notice ... latest "warmup" in staging

Earlier today I shoe-horned a "warmup" aggregation into staging, that has the "ICU4J" changes, and the "org.objectweb.asm".

But, I did have to disable BIRT, since the ICU4J version "conflicted" and disabling BIRT has some ripple effect to MAT and Startdust.

Bug 432464 - Temporary disabled BIRT, MAT, and Stardust for Luna warm up builds

So ... Birt team ... I think it would be best if you could move to new ICU4J soon, and re-enable your contributions so we can all "warm up" over the next few weeks.

Thanks ... just wanted to explain in case any effected parties missed the buzilla entry ... you all will need to re-enable yourselves (or, ask for help in bug 432464).


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