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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] EF plans to raise awareness of Java 8 support

Hi Mike,

I'm fully in favor of your proposal. The existing patch release
is the big release we've been targeting during all those efforts.
Making the patch install more prominent sounds like the straight-
forward action.

Indeed the second priority seems to be WTP support for Java 8,
we had several complaints that Java 8 support "doesn't work",
where people use faceted projects and couldn't create a facet
for Java 8. So if they have a release quality patch available
to support Java 8 in faceted projects, that should be included
in a composite update site. By creating a composite update site
we should be able to avoid any extra work in releng and testing.
We'd only need to figure out very good labeling of categories /
features (incl. detail description) to properly advertise what
we have without confusing users.


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