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[cross-project-issues-dev] Two reminders about Java 7 ...

With all this talk of Java 8, it's easy to lose track of "Java 7 work" that needs to be done ... so, this is simply a reminder.

1. I believe that Java 1.7 update 51 is now installed on all Hudson instances, so I would encourage everyone to run your JUnit tests with it ... in addition to your normal "testing/using it" with your Luna deliverables. This is the version of Java that has new security requirements, or constraints. I personally don't understand all the technical details that much, but suspect it will definitely anyone who does anything "web oriented" ... if not others. See
Bug 416870 - Helping Prepare for security & backwards compatibility changes in Oracle Java 7 Update 51

2. Remember that Java 7 does not handle "nested packed jars". (And this is not their bug ... it happened because they actually fixed a bug to improve support of National Languages in jar file names.)  Some builders still do this by default, so if you use one of those builders, you need to take action to "turn it off". (such as using PDE Build with the normal "jarsigner" you'd have to add an eclipse.inf file that says "jarprocessor.exclude.children=true". Though, this directive is not recognized by Tycho/Maven ... it has other methods to specify pack and sign options. Not sure about Buckminster.

But, one reason why I bring this up, is our list of jars that have nested packed jars, is for the first time ever starting to "get within reach of zero". See the repo report at:

It is shorter than I've ever seen it ... and most of them are in WindowBuilder. (And, I just happen to know that WTP is fixing their two :)

If you need help, open a cross-project bug and perhaps me or Thanh (or others) can help figure out how to stop "packing" the "nested jars". (It is still the goal, to pack200 the "outer" jar, though -- as far as I know, it is supposed to work with Java 8, though admit I have had some issues with it not working with early availability versions, but I have not tried it with the final Java 8 release).

Thanks for reading,

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