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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] EF plans to raise awareness of Java 8 support

On 27/03/2014 3:47 PM, John Arthorne wrote:
For things coming in the Luna timeframe, I think the best answer will be to point people at the release train development stream builds and repository. By May 9th there will be a stable build of the entire release train that includes the Java 8 tooling support for all projects (assuming they are doing it for Luna). I think most consumers will happily wait for that if they have demands beyond the basic JDT support, rather than cobbling together bits and pieces from unstable builds of various projects.


I am not entirely sure if you are arguing against doing anything (e.g. my initial list of action items), or arguing against including adding additional projects to the coverage. Could you please clarify?

Mike Milinkovich

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