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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Correct bundle versioning for GEF 3.9.2 Luna release?

Am 27.03.2014 02:46, schrieb Alexander Nyßen:
Eike and David, thanks for your detailed answers!

David, indeed I was aware about the versioning guidelines document in the wiki, but I was not exactly sure about whether
I really had understood it correctly. It seems I had, so I will probably have to update both plug-ins to 3.9.100 because
we are in a new release stream. Thanks for the clarification.

Eike, thanks for your support. I already took a first glimpse at the tool but did not fully get it to work. The problem
was I did not understand how the tool actually computes its baseline, i.e. I did not know I had to apply step 4 (I
thought it would probably use the API-baselines I had defined). That makes things a lot clearer now...

While the guideline document is not so explicit about this, Eikes tool actually also proposes to update features
versions according to the version changes of (transitively) contained projects (I already saw that in my first attempt).
That seems to be logical at some point, because if we want to use 3.9.100 versions for bundles in the release stream, so
that can later use 3.9.3, 3.9.4, etc. in the maintenance stream without conflict, it would only be reasonable to do so
for the containing features as well.

Having said so, it seems I will then have to announce a GEF 3.9.100 release instead of a 3.9.2 release for Luna, right?

If the previous release from that stream/branch was 3.9.0 then yes ;-)



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