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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Upgrading Gerrit to 2.8.1 (Tuesday March 4th 2014)

On 05/03/14 08:43 AM, Matthias Sohn wrote:
On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Daniel Rolka <Daniel.Rolka@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Andreas,

I believe it is what I'm looking for. After logging to the Hudson I got the 'missing ManualTrigger permission' error. How can I get the permission? Do I have to submit any web form? 

this can be configured by admins under "Manage Hudson > Configure Security".
I propose webmaster grants the privilege "Gerrit / Manual Trigger" to all committers of the
projects a HIPP instance is dedicated for.

Sorry everyone, I forgot we needed to make this change to the Gerrit Trigger in all HIPP instances after upgrading. I will get this done as my top priority this morning.

In the meantime I also do not think it's unreasonable for Project Leads to have admin rights to their project's HIPP instances and in some cases we've already provided this permission to projects who requested it. If your project would like this permission for any committers please open a bug with the request and have your PL +1 it (if it's not the PL who opened the bug).


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